OOC: The Plot So Far
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Dayshift+Nightshift 34 (Friday)Collapse )

Dayshift+Nightshift 35 (Saturday)Collapse )

Dayshift+Nightshift 36 (Sunday)Collapse )

Dayshift+Nightshift 37 (Monday)Collapse )

Dayshift 38 (Tuesday)
Jiraiya yet again meets with his student for breakfast, and manages to goad Naruto back to being more like himself. Naruto gets immensely more gleeful once he finds out that Jiraiya totally digs Renamon, eventually screaming that Jiraiya is a pervert; Renamon overhears the scream.
The first activity shift has Jiraiya meeting with Renamon as a result of writing in reply to her bulletin post; he also sees Edgeworth's post, but doesn't reply to it. Jiraiya and Renamon discuss theory for a bit, but Renamon decides to tease Jiraiya in an effort to cheer him up about what happened to Naruto. This backfires slightly, as she eventually says the wrong thing and Jiraiya gets protectively mad, and she more or less forces him to reveal that he likes her. Renamon has a lot to think about--as does Jiraiya--so they each part their ways.
Deciding to distract himself from his thoughts, Jiraiya sits down with Elena, and they begin to discuss what it feels like for those who weren't human before; Elena hopes that Jiraiya isn't a pervert. Jiraiya also suggests that she could spend the night copying the monster descriptions and maps; MUN makes a mental note for him to propose people without fighting abilities to do this next nightshift and ask why this copying isn't already standard practice in a morning bulletin post. Kakashi thinks that Jiraiya should be very careful with whom he speaks with, lest Renamon finds out.[backthreading]
For fourth shift, Jiraiya is taken to his doctor's office, his doctor being none other than Gregory House. Mun expects much lulz will ensue. [backthreading]

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OOC: Application
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Series: Naruto (Part 2)
Series' Medium: Manga, ignoring the anime.
Character: Jiraiya (no canon family name given)
Character's role in their canon: Mentor/Grandfather-type to the main character
Character's age: 53/54
Character's gender: Male
Character's "Real Name": Phil Randy

Personal History (MAJOR SPOILER WARNING)Collapse )
PersonalityCollapse )
Physical DescriptionCollapse )
Magical/Special/Crazy Powers (although sealed)Collapse )
Non-magical skills/AbilitiesCollapse )
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